LED exhibition stands

LED exhibition stands are the ULTIMATE if your exhibition stand is to achieve a high attention value. Whenever you want to convince effectively at events, trade fairs and shows, LED exhibition stands are a must-have. With the LED trade fair systems from our range, even large LED trade fair stands can be constructed that are nevertheless mobile in use. Our LED exhibition walls can be easily assembled straight or "around the corner", so that a modular construction of your LED exhibition stand is possible at any time. With the ALU STAR and OCTAlumina LED trade fair stands, it is possible to firmly connect the individual LED trade fair walls with each other - without tools, of course. Storage rooms, bridge modules and monitor holders can also be realised with these two LED exhibition stand systems.

Matching the LED trade fair walls, there are also LED trade fair counters, some of which can be operated with a rechargeable battery. If desired, the LED counters can also be equipped with a lockable door set. Despite the many assembly options, it is also possible for inexperienced exhibitors to assemble and dismantle our mobile LED exhibition stands and LED counters. This means that a single illuminated wall can be set up in a matter of minutes. A particularly practical feature is that the system technology is packed in such a way that it can be transported in a car or estate car. Only a large OCTAlumina stand requires a little more space in the car.


An overview of our LED exhibition stands:

ALU LightUp LED exhibition stand

This LED exhibition stand has a particularly attractive price-performance ratio.


  • Heights: 200, 230 and 250 cm
  • Widths: 85, 100 and 200 cm


  • 8 cm wide aluminium profiles
  • LED strips in the profile
  • Removable system feet

OCTAlumina LED exhibition stand

This LED light wall is an individualist and can be created in any desired size.


  • Heights: Standard 248 cm
  • Widths: According to requirement


  • 12 cm wide aluminium profiles
  • LED strips in the profile
  • Can be combined with Octanorm range

ALU STAR LED exhibition stand

This is the bestseller from our LED trade fair stand range.


  • Heights: 200, 230, 250 and 300 cm
  • Widths: 100 - 500 cm


  • 12 cm wide aluminium profiles
  • LED strips in the profile
  • Modular construction

Expand GrandFabric Lightbox

The textile graphic print is simply "put over" the frame.


  • Heights: 80, 100, 240 cm
  • Widths: 80, 160, 240 and 294 cm


  • LED modules in the frame
  • Click on feet
  • Stable wall connection possible

PIXLIP GO LED exhibition stand

This LED exhibition stand is particularly suitable for inexperienced exhibitors.


  • Heights: 200, 225, 250 cm
  • Widths: 85, 100, 200 and 300 cm


  • 12 cm wide plastic profiles
  • LED strips in the profile
  • Low weight

GRID LED exhibition stand

The PopUp structure of this smart lightbox is based on the well-known folding displays.


  • Height: 230 cm, D: 30 cm
  • Width: 78 - 300 cm


  • Scissor grid system
  • LED curtains for backlighting
  • Illuminated side panels

Illuminated frame technology

Almost all of our LED exhibition stands consist of profiles that are plugged together without tools to form a frame. The profiles, regardless of whether they are made of aluminium or plastic, contain pre-installed strips that are equipped with LED modules. In the LED trade fair stand systems consisting of 12 cm deep aluminium profiles, the transformer is also located inside the system frame, shown here on the left of the picture. In the ALU LightUp LED trade fair stand systems, which only have an 8 cm deep profile, and the PIXLIP GO LED trade fair stand system, the transformer is located outside the system. All LED trade fair stands are equipped with stable feet so that each individual LED trade fair wall can be placed free-standing in a room. The illuminated frames are covered with individually printed textile slides on both sides of the LED trade fair stands presented above. 

Under this download you will find a brochure on our LED exhibition stand bestseller ALU STAR. Detailed assembly instructions for ALU STAR light walls in various sizes are also available for download.

On this video you can see how an LED exhibition wall ALU STAR is assembled. Due to the tool-free plug-in system, the assembly and disassembly of the illuminated wall is easy to perform even by inexperienced exhibitors. In the sturdy transport case, made of lightweight ABS plastic, each profile finds its place in the correspondingly numbered recess.

For the ALU STAR LED exhibition walls, there are also suitable monitor holders that are simply inserted into the system frame. Depending on the application, your ALU STAR illuminated wall can be used either with or without monitor holder. The matching transport bag is also particularly practical.

Flexibility in stand construction

You are probably familiar with the problem that you, as an exhibitor, go to different trade fairs and the space for your stand is always different. You need a stand that can be adapted to the respective conditions on site. Our LED exhibition stands are so flexible that they can be used as row, end or corner stands. In our picture example, you can see how different stand constructions are possible with the same components. Only a few system frame modules need to be changed to create a new exhibition stand impression. Depending on your requirements, our LED exhibition stands OCTAlumina or ALU STAR can be equipped with suitable monitor holders, bridge modules, storage rooms with doors, light cubes and LED panels covered with prints for ceiling suspension. In addition, the OCTAlumina LED exhibition stand can be combined with the complete system technology of the German exhibition system manufacturer OCTANORM.

Illuminated accessories

In addition to LED exhibition stands, we also offer a wide range of LED counters, illuminated cubes, LED RollUps and illuminated furniture. As a rule, the most popular accessory our customers order for an illuminated wall is an LED counter. The many beautiful and bright LED counters from the ALU STAR family are brand new. Or the PIXLIP GO counter, which is child's play to set up and consists of a 1 m² illuminated frame fitted with feet at the bottom and a black counter top at the top. The LED standing table from the OCTAlumina family is also particularly smart. And last but not least, our LED RollUp PIXLIP POP is the perfect complement to the illuminated wall and LED counter.

Live LED exhibition stand project

using our customer Continental as an example

Large-area LED exhibition stands can also be constructed with our ALU STAR LED exhibition wall system, because the ALU STAR exhibition system is based on a modular concept. ALU STAR is available in six system widths and three system heights, with a maximum height of 3 m. The individual wall elements can be connected to one another with special wall connectors, both straight and "around the corner", so that, depending on the requirements, a new stand structure can be implemented, e.g. head, row or free-standing exhibition stand.

The versatility of the ALU STAR exhibition system allows exhibitors to adapt their trade fair stands to different circumstances. Both small and large stands can be realized to meet individual needs and budget.

ALU STAR storage module

The ALU STAR LED exhibition system offers a wide range of system extensions such as storage, door, bridge and monitor modules, which makes it possible to set up even complex LED exhibition stands quickly and modularly.

The storage module that you see in our video can be installed in different sizes depending on your needs. The format of the storage or meeting room determines the arrangement of the ALU STAR light walls in relation to one another. The door module is placed flexibly between the appropriately positioned ALU STAR light walls, creating a closed space.

ALU STAR LED counter

Corresponding to our ALU STAR illuminated walls there are the LED counter models ALU STAR PLUS and ALU STAR MAX. Like all systems from the ALU STAR family, these counters can also be set up quickly and without tools and are easy to transport. The wheeled ABS transport cases are of very high quality and are equipped with padded inlays.

Both LED counters can be equipped with a lockable set of doors on the back or with a rechargeable battery. The LED counter can also be placed in the middle of the exhibition stand without a power cable getting in the way.

LED exhibition stands: Our sets

We have put together various LED exhibition stands for you as a set. All LED back walls that we present to you here as a set are our popular LED exhibition stand bestseller ALU LightUp. ALU LightUp is available in three different widths: 85 cm, 100 cm and 200 cm. The system height of our LED trade fair sets is always 230 cm. The LED back walls can be combined with each other in such a way that a new trade fair stand impression is always created. As accessories for your LED exhibition stand, we offer foldable brochure stands, turnable showcase columns and various LED counters. Do you have another idea how you would like to design your LED exhibition stand? Then feel free to call our specialists for LED exhibition stands. Here you will get competent advice under phone +49 (0) 69 756080-84.

Exhibition set 3x3 m

Exhibition set 3x2 m

Exhibition set 4x2 m

Exhibition set 3x3 m

Exhibition set 3x2 m

Exhibition set 4x2 m

Exhibition set 3x3 m

Exhibition set 3x2 m


Here you can see some projects in the field of LED exhibition stands that we have realised for our customers. The LED trade fair system with which the LED trade fair stand was implemented is shown under each of the sample images. In all of the exhibition stands shown, the individual graphics were produced on foldable diamond material in our in-house production. In addition to LED trade fair walls, we also have a variety of LED counters available for you. Some of the LED counters can even be equipped with a rechargeable battery. You can find even more exhibition stand references on our website under Projects.

varisano Kliniken

LED exhibition stand: ALU LightUp

TurboZentrum Berlin

LED exhibition stand: OCTAlumina

Körber Pharma Consulting

LED exhibition stand: ALU STAR + PIXLIP POP

Micrel Medical Devices

LED exhibition stand: ALU STAR + ALU STAR MAX LED counter

Frankfurter Sparkasse

LED exhibition stand: GRID Lightbox


LED exhibition stand: ALU LightUp + ALU STAR PLUS LED counters


LED exhibition stand: ALU STAR

Ingram Micro Distribution GmbH

LED exhibition stand: ALU LightUp

Mentor Worldwide LLC

LED exhibition stand: PIXLIP GO


LED exhibition stand: GRID Lightbox

PremiumCircle Deutschland GmbH

LED exhibition stand: ALU LightUp + ALU STAR PLUS LED counters

KRAIBURG Holding GmbH & Co. KG

LED exhibition stand: OCTAlumina with ceiling hanger

LED exhibition stand shop

Order directly from our shop!

ALU LightUp exhibition wall

ALU LightUp is our self-assembly illuminated wall with a TOP price-performance ratio.



The modular ALU STAR XXL LED exhibition wall is available in widths up to 5 m.


GLOW UP Battery

The GLOW UP Battery LED system with integrated rechargeable battery is brand new.


ALU STAR LED counter

The ALU STAR exhibition counter is the perfect complement to your LED exhibition stand.



This cost-effective illuminated display is THE alternative to a standard RollUp.



The ALU STAR MAX exhibition counter is an innovation among our LED counters.



The PIXLIP GO illuminated wall is an "easy to use" exhibition wall made of plastic profiles.


ALU STAR illuminated wall

The ALU STAR illuminated wall is our bestseller and an expandable construction wonder.




It is our goal to advise you comprehensively and competently. That's why we only present exhibition system solutions that fit your requirements. For LED exhibition stands, for example, it is important to know whether you can set up the systems yourself or whether you need an exhibition stand builder.


We will be happy to store your complete exhibition stand, accessories and print materials with us and ship them to the destination addresses of your choice. To ensure that your system technology is always in perfect condition, we check all components for quality and readiness for use before delivery.


On request, our installation team will set up LED trade fair walls, press back walls, banners, RollUps and LED displays on site at your premises or at the trade fair. Of course, we can also take care of "all aspects" of advertising technology, such as the installation of wallpaper, photos, graphics, signs, lettering or foils. You are welcome to book us in advance for the period you require by calling 069-756080-81.

In-house production

We produce all your printing needs such as XL slide prints, textile prints, banner and tarpaulin prints as well as UV direct prints on solid materials in our in-house production. In doing so, we strive to create a symbiosis of print material and exhibition stand. We work exclusively with the latest printing technology to achieve optimum results.

Online Shop

You can order a large part of our LED exhibition stands online in our store. So you save not only time but also the cost of the data check and can quickly find out about the availability of our illuminated walls.

Express service

Due to our in-house production, we can also realize deadlines that are not feasible for other companies. Ask for our express service. This is in most cases even free of charge :)


Our mission PICTURE

When MARTINCOLOR was founded in 1964, we started with a photo studio where professional photographs were taken. The PICTURES taken on negative and diamond material were developed and then enlarged in various formats on photographic paper in the in-house laboratory. Over the years, other areas were added - but it was always about the PICTURE.

PICTURES are important to us. They transport not only information but also emotions. So it was only natural to also take care of trade fair systems that present PICTURES and content impressively. For around 25 years, our mission has been to specialise in large trade fair images and their effective presentation. For this reason, we have been involved in the development of many of the LED exhibition stands presented here.

In our program you will find mobile LED exhibition stands with different properties, so that you can buy exactly the exhibition stand from us that suits you and your company. Please call us and let us advise you individually.
Your contact at our company is Jacqueline Zies, telephone extension +49 (0) 69 7656080-84 or e-mail: j.zies@martincolor.de.



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