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LED exhibition stands are the ULTIMATE if you want your exhibition stand to attract a lot of attention. Whenever you want to impress effectively at events, trade fairs and exhibitions, LED exhibition stands are a must-have. All of our LED exhibition stands can be constructed modularly and are unbeatable in terms of flexibility. With the LED exhibition systems from our program, even large LED exhibition stands can be constructed that are still mobile in use. Our LED exhibition walls can be easily put together straight or as a corner, so that a modular structure of your LED exhibition stand can be smoothly and easily implemented. The LED exhibition stand with the most extensive possibilities in terms of variability on your exhibition stand is the illuminated wall ALU STAR. With this illuminated system, it is not only possible to connect the individual exhibition walls stable with one another, but countless other installations are also possible. ALU STAR also offers a wide range of accessories such as doors, storage rooms, bridge modules and monitor holders. With this LED exhibition stand model, complex constructions can be implemented that are normally only possible with standard exhibition systems. On this page you will find an example project that shows the functionality of the ALU STAR storage module. Here we show in a video how the door module of this system was integrated into ALU STAR illuminated walls, creating a fully-fledged storage room. You can also find more projects on the website www.martincolor.de/en/martincolor-projects. Setting up an ALU STAR illuminated wall is quick and easy. The 12 cm wide aluminum profiles, in which the POWER LEDs are already installed, are pushed into one another until a free-standing, illuminated frame is created. The feet are attached to this using wing screws. No tools are required for this. The ALU STAR range offers LED exhibition stands in widths of 100, 150, 200, 300, 400 and 500 cm. If larger illuminated walls are required, two systems can be connected using a special adapter element to form a 10 m wide illuminated wall, for example. The frame heights are either 200, 230, 248 or 298 cm. Once the LED exhibition walls are fully assembled, the individually printed textile slides are stretched on both sides. Here we work with soft, foldable fabric, which looks particularly brilliant when backlit and is very easy to handle, fold and store. Of course, handy transport cases, bags or trolleys are available for all of our LED exhibition walls. The entire system technology of our illuminated wall models ALU STAR, ALU LightUp, PIXLIP GO and GRID Lightbox is packaged in such a way that it can be transported in a car or station wagon. You just need to have a little more space in the car for a large OCTAlumina exhibition stand.

Matching the LED exhibition walls, there are also LED exhibition counters, some of which can be operated with a battery. Here too, the ALU STAR family offers a wide range of exhibition counters and LED counters. The most popular is the ALU STAR PLUS LED counter, which is equipped with a shelf on the back and can also be equipped with a lockable door set if needed. In most cases, this counter is also ordered with a battery, as there is then no power cable in the way of the exhibition stand when the counter is placed in the middle of the stand area. Despite the many setup options, it is also possible for inexperienced exhibitors to set up and dismantle our mobile LED exhibition stands and LED counters.

You are welcome to book an appointment in our showroom at any time to see for yourself the advantages of our LED exhibition stands. You can reach our advisory team by phone at +49 (0) 69 756080-0.


LED exhibition stands - illuminated frame technology

Illuminated frame technology

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LED Messestände - flexible Aufbaumöglichkeiten + Zubehör


Discover the adaptability of LED exhibition stands and illuminated accessories.

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The flexibility of our LED exhibition stands is a decisive factor for the modular structure of your exhibition stand. In our extensive range, we offer LED exhibition systems that make it possible to build even large stands without restricting mobility. The construction of these exhibition stands is based on innovative technology, which makes it possible to put together the LED exhibition walls in many different construction options. This not only makes it easier to adapt to different spatial conditions, but also creates an aesthetically appealing and functionally well-thought-out exhibition stand.

LED Messestände - Messe-Sets

Exhibition stand sets

in different sizes and shapes

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In this section we show you different LED exhibition stand sets, i.e. a visually appealing and inexpensive combination of exhibition stand equipment such as LED exhibition walls ALU LightUp, exhibition counters ALU STAR PLUS and GRID Lightbox counters, foldable bar tables as well as presentation showcases and various brochure stands. All exhibition systems can be assembled without tools and stored in practical transport containers.

References LED exhibition stands

Our customer projects

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As a specialist for LED exhibition stands, we have extensive references and photos of implemented customer projects. Here you can see some of the LED exhibition stands we have created using the illuminated systems ALU STAR, PIXLIP GO, ALU LightUp and GRID Lightbox. We also present various counters, bar tables, LED displays and brochure stands that have been combined with the respective LED exhibition stands. In the pictures, all exhibition stands are provided with textile coverings, so that you can better imagine the effect dark, colored, light or particularly powerful advertising graphics create.

3D exhibition stand planning

3D exhibition stand planning

We visualize your LED exhibition stand in 3D in advance. This way you can better imagine the finished state and make any changes.

More about 3D exhibition stand planning

We are your partner for the perfect LED exhibition stand! So that you can imagine what your finished LED exhibition stand will look like, we offer our 3D visualization service. To do this, we incorporate all of the exhibition stand components you require into our program, position the systems on the previously set-up exhibition stand size and then individualize the walls with your logo or advertising graphics. Once all positions have been entered, you can view your exhibition stand from every angle and decide what changes may still be necessary.

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